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Archives April 2010

Written by: Darlene

custom built website

You may question the necessity for using a custom website design on your website, since so many free web design templates can be easily downloaded. Using a custom website design to construct your site means that you will have to spend a lot more time building your website than you would if you were using a template. As well, depending on who you work with to design your website, you may find that a custom website design is also more expensive.

However if you are serious about using the Internet to attract lots of new clients and grow your business ...

Written by: Darlene

Have you ever stopped to think about how long it might take for people to view your web page? Do you know just how long it takes for your site to load up?

Many people that are looking for information begin to lose patience if a page takes too long to load. This is why search engines, like Google, are trying to make the results that people acquire more efficient.

You may wonder what this means.

speed up website

The ideal web page shouldn't take more than two seconds to load if you are using a connection that is high speed, and ...

Written by: Darlene

At one point in time, a small business owner had to rely on word of mouth, and a little advertising in the newspaper, to bring in customers.

small business web designs

Even though word of mouth is one of the most effective business promoters, advertising online with a website designed specifically for your small business is more applicable nowadays.

No matter what kind of business you are running – whether you're a vet, electronics wholesaler, florist or a plumber – there will always be online shoppers available at your disposal.

If you aren't around to round up customers, there are others who will be ...