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Archives December 2010

Written by: Darlene

competitive analysis

Are you analyzing your competition? If your business niche is competitive and you’re even moderately successful online you can be sure that your competitors are likely looking closely at you. The web can be very transparent in terms of being able to see how others are achieving success. That’s why new businesses can quickly rise to success and that’s why successful businesses need to be vigilant about competitive analysis --- so they can use the information to continue to grow and maintain their success online.

What sort of competitive analysis should you perform?

If you’ve defined where ...

Written by: Darlene

Years ago if you wanted advice with issues going on in your life you turned to Ann Landers who’s column could be found in many different newspapers across North America. During her 56 year stint she became known as an expert advice columnist.

Now, years later, many people turn to the Internet for help and advice. Therefore it makes sense that companies use the Internet to do exactly what Ann Landers (or the Ann Landers column) did. You can offer advice based on your specialty and become known as an online expert in your field.

online expert in your fieldCompanies who position themselves ...

Written by: Bjorn

Django web development has been around for about 7 years.

This post is to give you an overview of the various products and why we decided to use them in our web development process.

The following are some of the products that I will be highlighting:


I will begin with WebFaction. WebFaction is the hosting provider that we use for our projects and highly recommend to all of our clients. They vary from most other hosting providers in a number of ways. They do cost a bit more than your average hosting provider, however, the ...