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The importance of having a website as part of your small business marketing plan.

Written by: Darlene

If you’re in a competitive business, it’s good to outrank your competitors online. After all, when people click the search button, they often trust that the most relevant answer to their query will be at the top of the results.  How do you outrank your competition online?

outrank competition on google

Here are some helpful tips:

  • You shouldn’t only focus on one keyword phrase to rank well for and don’t just check your results on one search engine. Yes, Google may be the one you strive to succeed with due to their status as the top search engine but don ...

Written by: Guest

social media marketing

Social media began with just being social. Facebook connected long lost high school friends and old college roommates. Blogging, in the very beginning, allowed people to talk about their daily lives, to vent their frustrations and talk about the things they enjoyed most. Twitter allowed people to creatively micro blog their thoughts in 140 characters or less. Quite simply, sharing online was fun and is still fun. Being connected to friends, co-workers and family is now easier than ever with the rise of smart phones and phone apps. We share what restaurants we like, what movies we’ve seen, what ...

Written by: Darlene

competitive analysis

Are you analyzing your competition? If your business niche is competitive and you’re even moderately successful online you can be sure that your competitors are likely looking closely at you. The web can be very transparent in terms of being able to see how others are achieving success. That’s why new businesses can quickly rise to success and that’s why successful businesses need to be vigilant about competitive analysis --- so they can use the information to continue to grow and maintain their success online.

What sort of competitive analysis should you perform?

If you’ve defined where ...

Written by: Darlene

Years ago if you wanted advice with issues going on in your life you turned to Ann Landers who’s column could be found in many different newspapers across North America. During her 56 year stint she became known as an expert advice columnist.

Now, years later, many people turn to the Internet for help and advice. Therefore it makes sense that companies use the Internet to do exactly what Ann Landers (or the Ann Landers column) did. You can offer advice based on your specialty and become known as an online expert in your field.

online expert in your fieldCompanies who position themselves ...

Written by: Darlene

Having a successful and  professional website is more than having the right design and the right domain name. You have to have something on the website itself to communicate with your potential customers. Writing for the web is an important part of marketing your business online.

Here’s a quick overview of the purposes that writing serves for your website and how a professional copywriter can help you make the most of your online space.

Two Purposes of Writing for the Web

Unlike writing in a magazine or writing in a newspaper, writing for the web has to fit two ...

Written by: Darlene

small business websiteYou no doubt know about the benefit of having a website for your small business.

However, there is a right way to create a small business website and several wrong ways.

The design, content and feel of your small business website can make or break your business.

Unfortunately, there are several areas that new website owners miss when they are having their website created.

In order to create a website that will get you new business time and time again, you need to pay attention to the following common mistakes.

1. Hastily Choosing a Domain Name.

Your domain name is ...