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Website traffic.

Written by: Darlene

It’s exciting to create a new website. Whether it’s brand new or a better version of your old site, it’s an exciting time. You can hardly wait to see how it changes your business for the better. However, I think what many people forget is that once their new website is launched they still need to figure out ways to create buzz around their new site or no one will be looking at it.

create buzz

Even though we develop well optimized websites for businesses, a new website still needs lots of help getting noticed as fast as possible ...

Written by: Darlene

If you’ve got a business, having a website is good. It’s essential in the 21st century.  But having a website that looks good isn’t quite enough. You need traffic!

increase website traffic

Here are some tips on how to increase your website traffic:


There’s a saying in the online marketing community --- content is king.

Content does do a lot for helping you with your traffic. Creating a multi-page website could provide a wealth of information about your business and this could be excellent for visitors who may be interested in doing business with you.

But content does ...