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2010 Apr07

Small Business Web Designs | Web Designs That Will Help Your Small Businesses Grow

Written by: Darlene

At one point in time, a small business owner had to rely on word of mouth, and a little advertising in the newspaper, to bring in customers.

small business web designs

Even though word of mouth is one of the most effective business promoters, advertising online with a website designed specifically for your small business is more applicable nowadays.

No matter what kind of business you are running – whether you're a vet, electronics wholesaler, florist or a plumber – there will always be online shoppers available at your disposal.

If you aren't around to round up customers, there are others who will be.

If you haven't already created a good, reputable name for yourself on the Internet, you probably have the idea that it would be too difficult to establish one.

It actually is rather simple, and I will offer you some of my own ideas on "where to start" as we go further along.

The following are five easy concepts to include in your small business web design that can help you achieve success – and when I mention success, I'm talking about coming out on top in your business life!

1. Your small business website should give a precise statement detailing what your business is all about. When it comes to potential customers visiting your website, they will exit the page right away if they are unable to figure out what your business is for, or if they can't find the products or services they need.

Having a creative design isn't nearly as important as offering your customers a clear message about what it is that you have to offer.

2. Your web page should emphasize the advantages that come from doing business with your company. What specific services or products do you provide that other businesses don't have? Customers will be curious to know why they should take their business to you, and that is your chance to show them just how uniquely valuable your services are.

3. Also, your web page needs to showcase the simplicity of conducting business with your company to any potential customers. How simple is it to contact you? How much time does it take for orders to be delivered? How smooth is the ordering process? These, along with any additional aspects of your business, need to be clearly and fully detailed on your web page.

4. The website should include items that help you gain the trust of your prospective consumer. For any business in this day and age, the secret to success is building trusting relationships with your customers. With the layout of your web page, you could easily establish trust by offering visitors a free tip sheet, a monthly newsletter, free advice, and so forth; ultimately, the key is to offer something of value to your potential customers so that trust may be established. If you have a plumbing business, give your visitors tips on how to save water; or, if you run a local veterinary clinic, consider offering tips on the healthiest foods for a cat's diet. Also, you will want to acquire your prospective consumer's contact information (name and email address) by offering to send them a tip sheet or newsletter. In doing this,you will be able to maintain contact and develop a long–term relationship with that individual.

5. Your website should be updated on a regular basis. If you have a retail business, then you fully understand just how crucial it is for you to remake your shop window for every passerby. You need to approach your website in the same manner. If you want to have repeat customers do business with you on a regular basis, you will need to alternate what you offer periodically, that way they don't lose interest. Keeping your website up–to–date sends people the message that you are proactive, and only provide them with the best value in services. This is a major asset in forming trust between you and your customers.

A well designed and developed website will place value on the bottom line of your business, which will help you make more money in the long run. Today, the expense that goes into creating a professional and successful website is money well spent versus a typical ad campaign that consists of billboards, television advertisements or magazine ads. Finally, when it comes to word of mouth, your website will do 100% of the talking for you – if you know how to get people talking, that is.

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