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2010 Apr29

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Custom Built Website

Written by: Darlene

custom built website

You may question the necessity for using a custom website design on your website, since so many free web design templates can be easily downloaded. Using a custom website design to construct your site means that you will have to spend a lot more time building your website than you would if you were using a template. As well, depending on who you work with to design your website, you may find that a custom website design is also more expensive.

However if you are serious about using the Internet to attract lots of new clients and grow your business, then it is definitely to your advantage to have a custom website designed for your business.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you want to have a custom website designed for your business.

1. A custom website design will help to brand your business

Even casual television watchers will have picked up on the fact that advertisers advance their brand through unique–looking commercials that help their brand stand out from the crowd. Creating a unique–looking website that is designed around your business will assist in helping your customers to remember your brand.

2. Clean–looking HTML

If your code is correctly validated, it will make it easier for search engines to index your web pages. The problem with free templates is that they often contain lots of html errors, as well as have proprietary codes from the companies that made the templates. Ordinary site owners will not be aware of additions to the code. If Google, Yahoo and Bing can't read your website code properly then it will be difficult for them to index your website in their search engine results, which in turn will make it very difficult for new clients to find you online.

3. Quick loading times

If a site doesn't load quickly enough, visitors will leave it for other ones belonging to your competitors – and even a few seconds delay can make a big difference. Unlike websites based on templates, a professionally designed custom website should and will load very quickly.

4. Search engine optimization

Without the ability to be easily located by search engines, your website can't attract very much traffic. Without traffic, your website will be unable to make sales. An important requirement when selecting web designers is to ensure that they are up to date on the latest search engine optimization techniques, as this is key to the success of your website.

5. Easy navigation

Javascript is often utilized in creating navigation for websites. Although javascript may give your website an attractive look, it can prevent search engines from indexing your site's links, as search engines only read text. The purpose of website navigation is to ensure that your visitors can go to any and all parts of your website with ease.

6. Your website's structure

The rate and method by which search engines spider your web pages greatly depends upon the structure that your website is built upon. From the home page, visitors ought to be able to go to any and all other parts of your website with a mere three clicks.

7. A unique look and feel

Custom website design by a talented designer will help to brand your business by making sure that your images, colors, navigation, content and page backgrounds are all themed around your business' brand.

8. Web design versatility and flexibility

Custom website design helps you to brand your business around your personal preferences. If you want any changes made to your custom website design, they can be made by your designer even after your site is finished.

9. Custom feature availability

If you want to improve your custom website design, you can find scripts that greatly enhance your website. Perhaps you are interested in adding some cost effective marketing tools, such as forums, pop–up subscription forms, business directories, or Google analytics. A talented website designer will be able to add scripts to your website with ease, taking care of installation, customization, and configuration for you.

10. Tech support

In the event that your website is hacked and goes offline, what can you do? If your site is unavailable to visitors, you will experience a lot of stress as you watch your sales revenues plummet while you try to locate the correct repairman for your website – and these repairs will be quite costly. If you have a custom website design, you will be able to get regular technical support from your website designer, which is important if your site requires any changes, new scripts, technical advice, or repairs.

Using a free template or getting a high school teenager to construct your site may seem like a cheap and easy solution, but if you are serious about your online business, then that is a mistake you just can't afford to make. While you may save a little bit in the short term, in the long term you will see that this was actually a very expensive mistake. Custom website design not only gives you a great–looking website, it also helps to brand your business: it's the ultimate cost effective marketing tool. The look and feel of your website is your first and best chance to make a good impression on visitors, and a custom web site design can help your visitors to decide that they definitely want to do business with you.

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