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2010 Jul12

Why Have a Business Website?

Written by: Darlene

business websiteMany business owners know that they should have a website online, but don’t know exactly why. Common marketing conventions tell business owners that they need a website, whether or not they plan on selling online. But if you’re on the fence you may be wondering how a professional website can help you. Here are several good reasons to work with a website designer to create an online presence for your business.

Customers are looking for you online.

In this day and age, consumers in all industries search online for their needs – even locally. According to a 2009 study, almost a third of local business searches are now carried out online. This means that no matter whether your business serves online customers or ones in your local community, you need a website in order to be found. Customers in the under 35 category use the Internet almost exclusively to search for businesses, and customers in older age groups are also increasing their Internet usage. If you want to appeal to new customers, you have to be online.

Your business website can pre-sell your customers.

Sales and marketing are all about moving people from a “no” toward a “yes.” The quicker you can do this, the better. A website can lay the groundwork for your entire marketing campaign. A business website gives you the space and ability to lay the groundwork for what your company is about and how you can help solve problems for your market. Pre-selling can get them one step closer to the “yes”, which equals more sales for you. Your website can include informative articles, white papers, videos, slideshows…any number of tools to help market the value of your products and services.

A professional website can give you new ways of interacting with customers.

Online marketing offers several different modes of communication that just aren’t accessible in traditional marketing. Your website can act as a two-way platform for reaching out to your market. For example, hosting a blog on your website allows visitors to post comments, ask questions and get to know your company better. It can be a great tool for reaching out and making your mark in your industry.

You can better retain customers.

A business website can help you deepen the relationship with your existing customers. People are busy these days and their attention is split. If you want to see them coming back again and again, you need a follow up system. A professional website can help you do this by incorporating email marketing. Email marketing allows you to send e-newsletters and promotions to visitors who have opted into your list. With e-newsletters from your business website, you’ll stay fresh in your customer’s minds and build relationships with them over time. Better relationships equal more sales.

If you’re ready to build a business website, or want to enhance the one you’ve got, see our web development packages to get started.

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