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2010 Aug26

Writing for the Web: How Content Can Increase Your Sales

Written by: Darlene

Having a successful and  professional website is more than having the right design and the right domain name. You have to have something on the website itself to communicate with your potential customers. Writing for the web is an important part of marketing your business online.

Here’s a quick overview of the purposes that writing serves for your website and how a professional copywriter can help you make the most of your online space.

Two Purposes of Writing for the Web

Unlike writing in a magazine or writing in a newspaper, writing for the web has to fit two specific audiences – search engine spiders and human readers. Search engine spiders are sent out by search engines to “crawl” through your website and help classify it. The spiders look at the words that your website uses and uses those to identify it. If you want to get your website ranked well in the search engines for a specific term, like “Calgary wedding planner”, you’ll need to use that term and related terms on your web pages.

These terms are called “keyword phrases” and they are used to optimize your website so that your website appears in the search engine results for terms that are related to your business. This is an important part of website writing since it can increase your search engine rankings and your traffic. Original content on your website is actually favored by Google and other search engines. Just by having original content on your site, you can potentially outrank your competitors who have minimal content.

But you can’t just fill the page with your search engine terms. You have to also motivate your visitors to take action. The specific purpose of writing for the web is to persuade and inform your readers about your business or topics related to your business. Good content can help your visitors learn more about your products and services and encourage them to make a purchase. With the right type of web content, your website can become a powerful marketing and selling tool for your business.

How Can You Use Writing for the Web to Market Your Business Online?

A professional website copywriter can use writing in a variety of different ways in order to help your business. The main way is through on-site content, which is often called Web copy. This content is optimized using specific keywords and designed to move the reader toward an action -- whether that is signing up for an e-mail marketing list, calling for a consultation or actually making a purchase.

Website copywriters can also create informative articles that are distributed to article directories. These distributed articles help bring traffic back to your website and increase your presence in your niche, as it should. Copywriters can also create blog posts which are frequently updated on your site. Having a blog on your site can help increase your search engine rankings and create a long-lasting and profitable relationship with your market.

These three areas just scratched the surface of how writing for the web can help your business. Press releases, e-mail courses, newsletters and social media can all be used together in conjunction with these types of web content in order to create an outstanding professional website for your business.

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