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2010 Nov05

Outstanding Web Design - Four Things You Can Do to Achieve It

Written by: Darlene

Outstanding web design is achieved through creativity and discipline. The technical programming you don't see is soaked through with beauty and allure. Captivating to people visiting the site and enticing to search engine spiders, outstanding web design leads to a healthy bottom line. This collaboration of art and science can materialize in lots of packages, but there are some distinguishing features that set apart the best sites from the mediocre ones.

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Four Important Features of Outstanding Web Design:


The synergy between each separate feature of the site with the whole is the primary key to outstanding web design. There is a methodical compatibility throughout the site.

Consistent fonts and color layouts from page to page help to build this. Ever spent hours trying to show someone a "cool site" you visited only days or hours before?

Have you ever clicked on the very site you were looking for and then dismissed it because it didn't seem familiar to you?

When someone comes back to your site, they should instantly remember they've been there before, no matter which door they enter through. Unusual fonts and random colour choices confuse visitors and detracts from the site's effectiveness.

Many visitors will find it so visually disorienting that they will simply hit the back button without further investigation.

Attractive to the Eye

Creating an outstanding web design is not accidental.

When people look at your site, you want them to feel drawn in.

You want their eyes to naturally wander across the page and be attracted to what's there. Harmonious colour choices, pleasing graphics and artwork all contribute to a visitor's first impression.

You only have a few seconds to hook them.

How do you turn a first-time visitor into a returning regular? From their first click on your site, you want to reel them in. A ho-hum home page or--even worse--a confusing, or busy overall look will make it hard to get people to return to your site.

Intuitive Navigation

People tend to shy away from sites they find difficult to navigate. Additionally, search engine spiders must be able to guide searchers to your site.

Effective web design creates a site which is simple for users to work their way through.

This is an example of how the behind the scenes technicality is crucial to web design.

A well-designed site allows its visitors to get around instinctively. Its structure lends itself to someone being able to easily glide around the site, whether they are an amateur or an expert in using the Internet. Even on my first visit to your website, I need to be able to locate what I came for without difficulty.

A talented web designer will spend significant time and energy arranging the information on the website.

Interesting and Useful Content

The primary motivation of Internet searches is to gain knowledge.

Stocking your site with top-quality, unique content is a good way to have your site appreciated by your visitors. Want to gain visitors to your site without paying a dime?

Targeted keywords will drive traffic naturally to your web site. However, you want those keywords to simply blend into the other facets of your site rather than stick out and exist in discord with the rest of your carefully crafted elements.

An outstanding web design includes much more than what we've discussed here, but these are the most important pieces.

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