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2010 Dec20

How to Position Yourself As An Online Expert in Your Field

Written by: Darlene

Years ago if you wanted advice with issues going on in your life you turned to Ann Landers who’s column could be found in many different newspapers across North America. During her 56 year stint she became known as an expert advice columnist.

Now, years later, many people turn to the Internet for help and advice. Therefore it makes sense that companies use the Internet to do exactly what Ann Landers (or the Ann Landers column) did. You can offer advice based on your specialty and become known as an online expert in your field.

online expert in your fieldCompanies who position themselves as experts (or the Ann Landers of their field) are more likely to attract new customers online. Why? A large portion of people surfing the web are looking for answers to their problems. Usually they are in a hurry and want an answer now. If you’re an expert in your field and you help someone solve a problem or begin to overcome and understand something that is going on in their life, chances are that you’ll be able to begin to develop a relationship with that person, and they just could become your next client.

How does a business position itself as an authority in its niche?

Read on for some suggestions:

  • Have a blog set up and attached to your business website. A blog will do many things for your website, including helping you to get a continuous stream of traffic and help you to build rapport with your customers.
  • Publish articles and guest blog posts on other sites, sharing your knowledge about your industry. This information can help drive people back to your website and can help with your search engine optimization efforts as well.
  • Continually publish valuable content online and analyze the results. New content on an ongoing basis will help you expand your reach to new customers and new possibilities and ongoing analysis can help you continually fine tune your strategy.
  • Use SEO principles in your content writing. Whether writing for your website, your blog, or another website you should keep in mind the words and phrases your potential clients are searching for. Sprinkling these words throughout your text in a strategic way will help you get targeted traffic to your website.
  • Write with your customers in mind. Don’t make all your posts self-serving! Yes, you can include product launches and you can include announcements and other self-serving info but if you write in a way that focuses on helping clients, they’ll begin to see you as an expert. Basing content on solutions and value can help you get readers and then convert those readers into customers.
  • Analyze your competition. Use info gathered from your analysis in your own website and blog content as well as your overall marketing strategy. (Competitive analysis can provide you with a wealth of new opportunities! Subscribe to the Professional Web Studio blog and our next post will delve into this topic deeper!)

Need help showing the world you’re an expert in your field?

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By implementing the many items listed above you will soon find that you and your business become known throughout the Internet as the online expert in your field!

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